How to Set Up VPN on Windows 11? – A Guide to Protect Your Privacy

How to set up vpn on windows 11?

Windows 11 is here and it has come with various problems and glitches and connecting a VPN is one of them. Setting up a VPN service on Windows 11 is not that hard but due to some technical issues, people are getting stuck in different problems. So here is the complete method by which you can easily Set Up VPN on Windows 11 to be anonymous. So, without wasting any time here let’s get to the point and find the best way to connect VPN services with Windows 11.

Protect your privacy with vpn

Protecting Your Privacy With A VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to securely access the internet from anywhere in the world. VPNs help protect your privacy by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your location.

Setting up a VPN on Windows 11 is a great way to keep your data safe from prying eyes. As we mentioned, Microsoft stores all of our data for years at a time. You can use a VPN to route your traffic through an encrypted connection before it reaches the internet, allowing you to browse with peace of mind knowing that nobody can see what you’re doing online.

Now let’s cover VPNs for Windows 11 and how to set them up step-by-step!

Easy Steps to Set Up VPN on Windows 11?

To set up VPN on Windows 11, Navigate to Settings > Network and Internet > VPN > Add VPN. Now, you have to specify the following terms: VPN provider, Connection name, Server name or address, VPN type, and Type of sign-in info. Once added, you can find it listed under Settings > Network and Internet > VPN Connections. Click Connect.

However, one of the simplest ways to connect to a VPN in Windows is to download a trustworthy VPN service and join directly through their interface.

1. Download VPN (Virtual Private Network)

There are a few different VPNs that you can download. When you’re choosing your VPN, make sure that it’s trustworthy and that you trust the company with your data. We recommend buying NordVPN 3 years plan as it offers all VPN features at discounted rate.

2. Install the VPN on Your Computer

After you’ve installed the VPN, you should be able to access it from your Windows 11 start menu. All of the files associated with the Virtual Private Network will be in a folder labeled ‘Program Files.’ You should see a file called ‘OpenVPNRootMenu’ or something similar to this. Click on this file to go further to Set Up VPN on Windows 11.

3. Connect To a Server

You’ll need to input your desired name, email address, and password – these are all personal choices, so choose wisely! After providing this information, click connect! If everything goes well, then congratulations! Your information is now being protected by a strong encrypted connection.

There are simple steps to set up VPN on Windows 11. So if you want the best free VPN software for windows 11 then you can choose from this list.

Does Windows 11 have a VPN?

Windows 11 has a setting in the Settings app for configuring and managing VPN connections, which you can use to connect to nearly any Virtual Private Network provider to better your online privacy and access blocked services in other areas. However, there is no special inbuilt VPN service that you will get with Windows 11.

How To Configure A VPN In Windows 11 Manually?

The best way to configure a VPN on your Windows 11 computer is to use the Windows VPN setting servers. It’s the quickest, most user-friendly option for protecting your privacy.

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Select network & internet from the drop-down menu.
  • From the right side, select VPN page.
  • Click the add VPN button in the “VPN connections” setting.
  • select the windows (built-in) option from the “VPN provider” drop-down menu.
  • enter a name for the connections in the “connection name” setting — for example, Ipvanish, private internet access, or another service name.
  • Enter the VPN server’s address in the “server name or address” field, such as
  • Select the automatic option or the protocol necessary to connect to the specific VPN server from the “VPN type” drop-down box.
  • Select the authentication method from the “type of sign-in info” drop-down menu.
  • Please keep in mind that this choice is dependent on VPN provider’s settings.
  • If you choose the “username and password” option, confirm the username and password.
  • Save your work by pressing the save button.

Once you complete the steps, you can connect to the VPN. If you are Windows 10 user and want to get the best free VPN software for windows 10 then you can read it also.

How Do I Set up A VPN In Windows 11?

Follow these steps to connect to a VPN server:

1. Go to the Settings menu.

2. Select Network & Internet from the drop-down menu.

3. On the right side, click the VPN page.

4. To establish a connection, click the Connect button.

Does VPN Work on Windows 11?

Yes, VPN services work with Windows 11 with so ease. All you have to activate the VPN service and get connected to a server you want.

Which Is The Best VPN For Windows 11?

The Best VPN for Windows 11 is ExpressVPN which has different servers in various countries to avail you of thousands of IP addresses.

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