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The life of a school student is completely filled up with a lot of enjoyment and excitement. But on the same hand, sometimes this life gets frustrating and annoying. School loves to block the fun content and many applications like- Instagram and Facebook that we can use in our free time and this whole makes students very irritated. If you are also one of those who really want a permanent solution then this article is for you.  Here in this content, we will let you know about some best free VPN for school computers

By using this VPN you can get rid of all the barriers that your school imposed on you. But looking forward to that you need to know “why do you need a VPN in school?” and “what a VPN can do?”.

Why do you need a VPN in school?

There are many valid reasons for using a VPN in school. You may not be aware of those reasons, So below we mentioned some of the major benefits that you can take by using a Virtual Private Network in your schools. 

  1. Provides Privacy

As a student sometimes you also need to be concerned for your privacy where no one can interrupt you. But in the artificial world of the internet privacy is not a joke because of Hackers and for the protection of your data you need a well-stable VPN connection that can give you privacy. Using a VPN hides your search history from any other third party.

  1. For Unblocking the sites

Mainly by using a VPN you can unblock any site or content in school just by shifting your server location. The virtual private network offers you a wide server location and you can change any location as per your requirement.

  1. Fast surfing speed

A fast surfing speed is also one of the major advantages that users can avail of by using a VPN connection. The site speed also depends on the location of the server and sometimes by shifting server location you can increase the surfing speed of your server.

Now, we are well aware that  VPN can be a solution to our problems but still, the major question is “Which is the best free VPN for school computers?”. So, Let’s continue with the top 5 free VPNs for school computers. 

Best 5 free VPN for School Computers

5 Free  VPN Software For School Computers

Due to high competition, users may find tons of Virtual private networks provider companies that are claiming that only they are the best but honestly, this is not possible. Selecting a genuine and trusted VPN brand is not an easy task, it is quite difficult for most users. 

So, that’s why our team did a lot of research, tests and after verifying thousands of reviews below we mentioned only the best of the best VPN companies and users can choose any one from them as per their needs.

1. Windscribe – No 1 VPN for School Devices

In our list, Windscribe stands in the no. 1 position and is the best free VPN for Windows 10. This VPN software has a massive range of servers spread throughout 63 countries over 100+ cities. It’s a wonderful proxy browser extension that works along with trackers, block ads, and restore access to blocked content. Windscribe is an amazing desktop software that helps you by providing safe privacy on an online platform. Its free plan of 10 GB of data per month is a very good option for you but you can opt for its pro plan for unlimited data.

There are many features that make it first on our list:

  1. Privacy Features: There are various privacy tools provided by Windscribe. Malware blocking, Social blocking, Ad Tracker blocking, Notification blocking, and WebRTC are the blocking features provided by it. If we talk about spoofing it provides Language, User-Agent, Timezone, and Location API spoofing.
  2. Geo-restriction content unlocking: Windscribe blocks the content in over 60+ different countries. It provides masking to your IP address. 
  3. No identifying logs: This is the thing that every user expects from a provider. Windscribe isn’t going to compromise with your data, it neither tracks you nor keeps your logs. Hence your privacy is in the right hands. 
  4. Platforms Availability: Well, most of the users work on Mac, Windows, even Linux but wait, are you a mobile user? Windscribe has mobile apps too, isn’t it amazing? 

2. ProtonVPN – Safe To Use VPN For School Computers

It is the VPN that is safe to use and protects your privacy most. CERN scientists of that same ProtonMail created the ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN provides safe, secure, and encrypted internet access alongside advanced security features. You can access blocked websites and a series of your countries. ProtonVPN uses the most proven secure protocols like IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, and more like them. It’s independently audited by SEC consult, having a technology that uniquely increases your VPN speed by over 400%. For signing up you needn’t have any personal data. The data protection is done on ProtonVPN by using AES-256 and 4096 RSA encryption. Millions of users worldwide use this VPN and get 24 hours 7 days of private internet access.

There are various plans available but let’s talk about the free plan’s feature of ProtonVPN

  1. DNS leak protection is offered in the free plan so that your browsing activity remains secure and can’t be exposed.
  2. You will get unlimited data with no bandwidth.
  3. It provides Bypass geo-restrictions for unblocking the censored content. 
  4. Full disk encrypted servers protect and have strict no logs
  5. It allows split-tunneling to make you select which app should be selected for the VPN.

3. Hotspot Shield – Top Speed VPN For School Devices

Hotspot Shield VPN stands third on our list in terms of free VPN providers for School Devices. It is the most trusted privacy and security provider through which you can access various platforms. It’s top speed performance, security, and stability. But the question may arise in your mind, why you should opt for HotSpot Shield VPN over other VPN providers. More than 400 million times has been installed in all-around 20 countries. The hotspot shield contains numerous features that make it third on this list, let’s review them:

  1. It hides your IP address, the location from trackers so that you can work efficiently and securely on the online platform. 
  2. The basic features of VPN are freely available on Hotspot Shield even though you can upgrade to Elite for unlimited features.
  3. It encrypts all your traffic and makes you accessible to global services and networks, i.e., unblock the geo-restricted contents. 
  4. Hotspot Shield doesn’t track your activities or doesn’t keep any logs of users. Hence, a safe no log kept feature.
  5. It provides malware and phishing protection, helping you to keep away from malicious sites and programs. It alerts you if you somehow get landed on a suspicious site.

4. TunnelBear – User Friendly VPN for School Computer

TunnelBear VPN is the most famous VPN when the matter is about user-friendly programs. The free version of TunnelBear provides a variety of features like bypassing region-specific restrictions, blocking trackers, hiding your IP address, and protecting online privacy. TunnelBear is spread over 41 countries having two premium plans. With a free plan, you will get 500 MB. There are many other advantages of using TunnelBear, like:

  1. TunnelBear provides military-grade AES 256-bit encryption so that it can secure you and your searching activity.
  2. The SHA256 encryption offers data authentication which is the most prominent feature of TunnelBear.
  3. It hides your IP address so that users can browse safely without any worry about data privacy and cyberattacks. Even TunnelBear supports P2P file sharing so you can download stuff using torrenting.
  4. It provides you with a browser extension for ease of use. The kill switch of TunnelBear is the best feature of it

5. Speedify – Free To Use VPN For School

As the name suggests Speedify has the main motive to provide a free VPN and that too has high speed. As many of the VPNs slow down the speed while encrypting the user from an internet connection, speedy works reversely.  It uses every possible internet connection to provide the best performance and that too with speed. Speedify works like an ethernet connection with a tethered mobile connection. There are also other features apart from speed:

  1. Speedify claims that its turbocharging technology will help to speed up even if the user has only had one type of internet connection.
  2. You can also access all the servers even with the free plan. The free plan provides 2 GB of data each month. 
  3. Super secure encryption, worldwide server access, internet bonding service, and much more.

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Conclusion – Free VPN For School Computers

In the end, we can conclude there are not any top 5 or top VPN providers for school wifi. It all depends on the user and the user’s requirements. The features provided by various providers i.e., Speedify, TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield, ProtonVPN, and Windscribe vary. Users must at first compare their essential features so that it covers the basic necessity of the VPNs requirement of the user. As speedify is known for speed, TunnelBear for its encryption, and others as well as their strong field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a VPN on my school computer?

The only thing you need to do is to choose the best VPN service, provider. This will help you to use VPN on school computers easily.

Do VPNs work on school computers?

A VPN is the quickest way to access a school computer without facing any internet hindrance.

Is there a completely free VPN for PCs?

Yes Proton VPN is the completely free and flexible VPN for users.

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